Orlando Declares State Of Emergency After 50 People Killed In Shooting At Gay Nightclub

Orlando Declares State Of Emergency After 50 People Killed In Shooting At Gay Nightclub


ORLANDO, FL – Tragedy struck Orlando early this morning as a gunman reportedly opened fire at Pulse, a gay nightclub, killing 50 and wounding more than 50 additional victims, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

“It’s no coincidence the attack took place where it did and when it did,” U.S. Representative Alan Grayson said, declaring the shooting a “hate crime.”

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer has declared a state of emergency and Orlando Police Chief John Mina says the incident has been identified as an act of terrorism.

The club had around 200 poeple inside at the time of the shooting. Authorities rushed to the scene after shots rang out at approximately 2 a.m. EST. People in attendance at the club said they thought the gunfire was part of the music before realizing what was happening.

Nine police officers showed up to the scene and killed a man identified as 29-year-old Omar Saddiqui Mateen in a shootout. He reportedly acted as a “lone wolf.” One officer was struck in the eye, but was saved by his protective helmet.

Authorities said that Saddiqui Mateen, who is from Port St. Lucie, Florida approximately 120 miles away from Orlando, might have ties to radical Islam, CNN reports.

Investigators “have suggestions the individual has leanings towards (Islamic terrorism), but right now we can’t say definitely,” Ron Hopper, assistant special agent in charge of the FBI’s Orlando bureau said.

With 50 fatalities, the news outlet declares this is the deadliest shooting in United States history.

Many took to social media to ask for prayers for Orlando, call for gun control and express disbelief at the violence.


Actor Agya Koo marries in London

Actor Agya Koo marries in London


Ghanaian comic actor, Kofi Adu, popularly known as Agya Koo, on Saturday, married his new found love Rita Asiwdu in London.

The actor is re-marrying three years after the messy marriage breakdown with his then wife, Victoria Darko, popularly known as Akua Vic.

Saturday’s wedding took place at the Lancaster house fifth floor, 70 Newington Causeway elephant and castle London and was attended by some Ghanaian entertainment personalities including Kaakyire Kwame Appiah and Amakye Dede.

I’ve now figured God exists – Majid Michel

I’ve now figured God exists – Majid Michel


          Majid Michel

Multiple award-winning actor, Majid Michel took to social media to reveal he has come to realize God exists.

According to him after starring at the sky, he figured out that God truly exists, and that all this while he has been fooled into believing God does not exist.

He again added that after meeting God, he’s not afraid to die anymore.

He took to his Instagram handle and posted;

“Lord God I have never spoken to you. But now i want to say…how do you do? You see God, they told me you didn’t exist and like a fool i believed all this. Last night from standing outside, i saw your sky and i figured right then they had told me a lie.
Had I taken time to see the things you made I’d have known they weren’t calling a spade a spade. I wonder God if you’ll take my hand. Somehow i feel that u’d understand.

Funny I had to come to this hellish place before i had time to see your face. Well I guess there isn’t much more to say but I’m sure glad God i met you today. Like the zero hour will soon be here but I’m not afraid since i know you are near.

The signal… well…God I’ll have to go. i like you lots i want you to know. Looks like this will be a horrible fight who knows, i may come to your house tonight. Though I wasn’t friendly to you before i wonder God if I’ll wait at your door. Look I’m crying, I’m shedding tears I’ll have to go now God, goodbye…. Strange…now, since i met you, I’m not afraid to die . #LEADERSHIP.

Pretty model in Criss Waddle’s Bie Gya video is dead

Pretty model in Criss Waddle’s Bie Gya video is dead


                Bridget Shiel

The young model who starred in Criss Waddle’s Bie Gya Video has been murdered some few hours ago.

Real name Bridget Shiel,was a model who lived in Atlanta and was only 19 years of age.
She was believed to have been shot and left lying naked in a park. One could remember her sitting with Criss Waddle in a balcony as she looked very much like the American Diva Amber Rose.

May your soul rest in peace Bridget.

Jamaica’s Alkaline To Feature Shatta Wale On His Next Album

Jamaica’s Alkaline To Feature Shatta Wale On His Next Album
Let me take you all back to that nostalgic  moment when every Tom, Dick and Harry witnessed that inconceivable stage performance from Jamaica’s international dancehall heavyweight Alkaline and Ghana’s undisputed multiple award winning dancehall champ Shattawale at the MTN Pulse Concert.


A few months afterwards, both artistes announced the unleash of the remix of Alkaline’s  ATM hit single which is already infecting the waves across the globe . Ghana is no exception as the tune has been well accepted and much loved by all dancehall devotees.
Alkaline in an interview on Jamaica’s top radio station , SunCity 104.9 FM recently unvealed that Shattawale is one of the hardworking artistes he has ever come across and that  he has plans of featuring the African Dancehall King  on his next Album which he is currently working on. In his words, he said, “Shatta Wale is a hard working artist, and am personally one of his fans.” Working with such an amazing artist makes me proud because his fans showed  me much love that I never expected. His fans are such  amazing fans I have ever seen. “ I know that our collaboration ATM is already a global hit, mad tune”: He added.

Shatta Wale Begs Actors To ‘Cool’ When Kissing & Smooching His Wife

Shatta Wale Begs Actors To ‘Cool’ When Kissing & Smooching His Wife


Diamond Michelle Gbagonah known by all as Shatta Michy has ventured into acting alongside her hair and accessories selling business.

Her husband, Shatta Wale has disclosed that his wife, Shatta Michy has always wanted to act and he’s 100% supportive of that but what he’s afraid of is the romantic roles she will be playing.

According to the ‘Tail Light’ hitmaker, acting is acting and he can’t be like his wife should be selective of the roles but he’s pleading with actors to take it easy on his wife when it comes to kissing and smooching roles.

In an interview on Starr FM, when asked whether he’s supportive of his wife decision to venture into acting, he said,

“Oo my wife has always wanted to act, even when I met her, one thing she constantly told me was her desire to be an actress, so I’m 100% in support of her decision to act.”

On the roles she would like his wife to play in movies, he said, I can’t say she should play this role and she shouldn’t play that role. All I’m begging with actors is that they should take it easy on her when it comes to kissing, smooching and other romantic roles. They shouldn’t go far, I beg them.”

Shatta Wale also disclosed that he’s the manager of his baby mama, Shatta Michy

Snoop Dogg Questions “Roots” Premiere On Memorial Day: “I Ain’t Watching That Shit

Snoop Dogg Questions “Roots” Premiere On Memorial Day: “I Ain’t Watching That Shit”


LOS ANGELES, CA – Snoop Dogg is not here for the remake of Alex Haley’s Roots and is asking fans to boycott the remake of the series.

In an Instagram video clip, the Long Beach, California-bred actor-rapper expressed his frustrations of Black Americans being mainly depicted as slaves on TV and film.

“No disrespect, but I can’t watch no mo’ mothafuckin’ Black movies with niggas getting dogged out,” Snoop says. “12 Years a Slave,RootsUnderground. I can’t watch none of that shit. I’m sick of this shit. How the fuck they going to put Roots on, on Memorial Day? They going to just to keep beating that shit into our heads about how they did us, huh?”

The original series based on Alex Haley‘s Pulitizer Prize-winning novel, debuted on ABC in 1977.

The eight-hour, four-part series which includes stars T.I., Laurence Fishburn and Academy Award winner Forest Whitakerdebuts today (May 30) on the History Channel.

T.I. himself publicly discussed his dilemma in accepting such a role, which he eventually succumbed to. He is set to play the role of Cyrus, who fought alongside Chicken George for the Union Army during the Civil War.

“When y’all gonna make a muthafuckin’ series about the success that Black folks is having?”Snoop continues. “The only success we have isRoots and 12 Years a Slave and shit like that huh?

“Fuck y’all. I ain’t watching that shit, and I advise you muthafucka that’s real niggas like myself. Fuck them television shows. Let’s create our own shit based on today, how we live and how we inspire people today. Black is what’s real. Fuck that old shit.”